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  1. tinamartin28@hotmail.com' Tina Martin says:

    Hi, I live in Jackson Heights for many years, I know for a fact they would love to get rid of the few renters that are in this building, The building turned Condo about 14 years or so ago.

    BOTTOM LINE is I’m sure the noise that goes on from above unit owners renters are incouraged to get long time stabelized renters disgusted so they will get out, The management offered to pay renters who haven’t purchased their units a sum of money to leave, Ha what a joke…

    Sad to say the Super is in on the deal and is of no help for noise or otherwise. Playing like he has short term memory.. lost. ;-(

    I would appreciate if you can help me find an affordable Apt in Queens or were ever…

    Tina Martin

  2. tinamartin28@hotmail.com' Tina Martin says:

    Correction….Where Ever…;-)

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